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Buyer / Pre-listing Inspections Include

Site: Fences, Grade, Retaining Walls, Sidewalks
Exterior I: Driveway, Patio, Deck-Patio Cover, Decks, Porch-Balcony, Exterior Steps
Exterior II: Substructure, Exterior Walls, Trim-Eaves, Framing
Foundation: Concrete Slab, Perimeter Foundation
Parking Structure: Exterior, Roof, Interior, Firewall, Floor, Vents, Doors, Openers
Attic: Framing, Venting, Insulation, Vent Pipes, Exhaust Venting, Stains
Roof: Flashing, Gutters, Surface Condition
Plumbing: Main Line, Water Lines, Pressure, Sewer Lines, Water Heaters
Fuel System: Meter, Lines, Valves
Electrical: Service Lines, Main Panel, Sub Panels, Wiring, Lights, Outlets
Heating: General Condition, Burners, Venting, Combustion Air, Controls,
Distribution, Filters
Air Conditioning: Condition, Condensate Line, Refrigerant Line, Electrical
Kitchen: Cabinet, Range, Garbage Disposal, Plumbing, Misc. Appliances
Laundry: Sink, Plumbing, Gas, Electric, Venting
Bathrooms: Toilets, Sink, Tub, Shower
Interior: Ceilings, Walls, Flooring, Interior Stairs
Doors: Windows, Exterior Doors, Interior Doors
Fireplaces: Chimneys, Smoke Alarms, Exhaust Vents
Miscellaneous: Ceiling Fans, Guard Rails, Central Vacuum, Wet Bar
Radon testing is available at an additional cost

Buyer Inspection

Our inspection is intended to inform the buyer of the condition of the structure. At the end of the inspection, we will perform a final evaluation of the property and point out any compromised components or potential hazards that may exist. The inspector will help you understand the source of deficiencies and provide recommendations about making repairs. Upon completion of the inspection, you will have the information you need to help make an informative decision. All home inspections are performed to the standards of practice of the InterNational Association of Home Inspectors.

Prelisting Inspection

Sometimes changes in the property occur without the homeowner noticing them. It’s to your advantage to address any problems that a buyer’s inspector may find during their inspection. The advantages of a prelisting inspection include:
Home analysis from an experienced inspector
Discovery of unknown health and safety hazards
Faster selling process
More time to find a qualified contractor to make repairs
Increased buyer comfort on purchasing your home
Head off any problems in the negotiation process
Establishing a fair selling price

The purpose of the inspection is to report the general condition of visible portions of the primary buildings and to inform the client of any major visible deficiencies as they exist at the time of the inspection.

Accurate Home Inspections recommends a prelisting inspection when selling your home. Please call (952) 974-8293 to schedule your inspection today.
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